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Cody Hale is a singer/songwriter from Penrose, North Carolina.  He began writing music in 2010 after a career ending injury kept him off the basketball court.  He currently travels and performs with his wife, Jonlyn Linville, who plays fiddle and sings.  The duo has crafted their own sound through years of performing live music.  You will hear popular, classic songs mixed in with clever and capturing original tunes if you attend one of their shows.



Cody performs mainly at venues in the Western North Carolina area, but is starting to travel more of late.  Whether you have a brewery, restaurant or music venue, Cody Hale would be a great fit for your live music needs.  He plays everything from classic rock to modern day hits with many crowd favorite "sing alongs" mixed in as well.

Weddings & Private Events

Would you like Cody to perform at your wedding or private event?  Contact him through the email or phone number provided at the bottom of this page.  

Booking Inquiries


Phone: (828) 421.1396

Wedding Party
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